So, how do I approach your ceremony ?

Firstly, and you’ll be fed up reading this … this is not a wedding ….its your wedding.

So it will be as unique and as individual as you both.

There will be no … “Oh, you’ll have to do this“ or  “You can’t do that”  or “You’ll need to include this“

The style of the ceremony will be whatever you choose … relaxed and laid back, light hearted and informal, traditional or contemporary. It’s your choice.

You can say as much or as little as you are comfortable with during the ceremony – the absolute legal minimum, however,  is one sentence where you each accept the other in marriage ( and I know you can manage that ! ).

You can include a number of what we call “ symbolic gestures” – you may have heard of some, e.g a handfasting or a toast from a quaich. I will of course, talk through these with you when we meet.

A traditional Handfasting using tartan ribbons

You can have friends or family members involved in the ceremony – perhaps by doing a reading or a poem. You can write your own vows or I can make suggestions for you .. or help you write your own – of course you don’t need to have any vows if you don’t want to …. remember, this is your wedding !

Before I begin to write your ceremony I will have met with you and found out  just what kind of ceremony you want , I will also have found out a bit about you and I will more than likely have given you homework – just a few things to make your ceremony more about you and so much more personal.

I want your ceremony to not only set the tone for the rest of the day, but be a part of the day which you and your guests will never forget.


There are many beautiful venues with stunning indoor and out door settings.

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