Humanism and HSS



Humanist Society Scotland is Scotland’s largest Humanist charity with over 15.000 members and over 120 celebrants.

Over 50,000 people have been married by one of our registered celebrants – and every one of those marriage ceremonies was unique to each couple.

The Humanist Society Scotland is the only non religious organisation in Scotland allowed by the Registrar General to recruit, train and independently authorise celebrants to conduct legal marriages in Scotland.    All other organisations must request approval from the Registrar General for their celebrants.

In addition to conducting weddings, we also provide celebrants who conduct humanist funerals and naming ceremonies – we have  volunteers who work in education; we have hospital and hospice visitors and many are involved in a variety of number of national and international humanist & human rights campaigns.

Ceremonies are only a part of the Humanist Society Scotland and you can learn more about the charity by visiting the HSS website –


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